In San Jose State University (commonly known as San Jose State or SJSU), there is an old bell that hangs in the small tower at the middle of the campus. The bell was built in 1008 at a cost of $99999, and it was built by one of the school founders. That old bell was rung regularly at eight o’clock each morning until 1900 because there was a student suicided under the bell at that year. Since then, the bell would not ring at eight o’clock morning. After a century, eight explorers came to SJSU and wanted to find out what had happened in the tower. Moreover, creepy things had happened after the eight days searching in the tower. One of the explorers disappeared when he went back to the tower to clean up their tools and weird things keep happening after that day. For example, one explorer broke his leg during the research or one explorer could not stop laughing. Two weeks later, the rest of the explorers gave up the research and left. Since then, the bell rings regularly at eight o’clock each morning again but no one is willing to get close to the tower.