Trangalang of Evergreen

According to the residence of Evergreen Hills, a Trangalang is a measly-bodied creature that takes the form of a demon. He is portrayed as hideous, slender, evil black eyes, and ghostly. His feature consists of: wild and long hair, sharp claws, wide-mouth filled with jagged fangs, bulky pierced-nose, and two horns above his gigantic lopsided-head.

Trangalang often roams in dark hills in search of prey. He is bloodthirsty and fiends for the kill. He stalks and feeds on helpless humans and defenseless animals. His distinctive screeching-howl can be heard after he annihilates his prey in a gory blood bath. Throughout the years, he is often hunted, but is never actually caught.

It is said that he once took the form of a man. He was just like any ordinary person, living and full of life. He resided along the foothill of Evergreen with his family, until a sequence of unfortunate events occurred. His rage started to arise when he found out that his mother has fallen ill. Soon after, he has found out that his girlfriend of nine years, the love of his life, has fallen for another man. Hence, he was in an extremely emotional state.

Trangalang was often seen lingering around—devastated and broken-hearted. Through this dreadful time, his jealousy and rage turned him nearly psychotic. While being jaded and overwhelmed with life full of suffering, he eventually mutated into this demon-like creature that ate flesh of the living. Following his transformation, he fled from the life he once knew and ran straight for the hills. Since then, Trangalang roams alone in the dark and eerie hills of Evergreen in search of prey.

Tony Trang