Trans Pacific airline is one of the biggest airline based out of San Francisco International Airport, USA. They have a fleet of 300+ aircrafts ranging from all type of aircrafts, commercial, cargo, and hybrid. It is the second largest airline in USA after United. it operates over 3,000 flights per week serving 100 cities in 75 countries. It covers all the major countries, with new routes starting to Sydney, Doha, Auckland and Hong Kong.

They recently acquired the brand-new fleet of Boeing aircrafts – Boeing 787-10 (Dreamliner). This aircraft is acquired by the airline to serve them on ultra-long-haul trips (flight duration exceeding 10 hours of flight time). This aircraft will also offer higher fuel efficiency per seat compared to the relatively aged aircrafts. The 787-10, will make flying to Australia and New Zealand possible with a comfortable experience for passengers, as it offers higher degree of cabin air quality, improved lighting systems to overcome the problem of time difference, and a more spacious seating layout. Trans Pacific has 120 787-10’s on order, through this strategy they will change they will replace their aging fleet of 777’s.

The airline was established back in 1997, it started off as a domestic airline operating weekly flights between SFO to JFK, they slowly began leasing more aircrafts to expand their operations nationwide. Their first international destination was Tokyo Narita in 1999. Post 9/11 they suffered the losses, as air travel in America depleted considerably due to the fear that was instilled in the general public with respect to commercial airlines. Trans Pacific regained their profits through the years of 2002 onwards by establishing low cost fares to attract customers. Today, it is one of the few profit making international airline operating in USA.

Arya Sachar