The transpensive was the first generation mind-transferring device created to solve the brain cancer pandemic after the apocalyptic disaster on May 2, 2105 ET (Earth Time). The leading researcher of cognitive science, Alexander Thorsrud, spearheaded the invention with purpose of attaining an “artificial panacea” of the 22nd century and survival of the human race. The product of the cognitive science community, the transpensive was the advent of cyborg evolution.

Historians regard the transpensive as the largest invention built on Earth. It was constructed on the whole continent of Antartica for insulation. It was also large-scale for the accommodation of saving billions of human lives succumbing from brain cancer. This invention was nested within a 20-meter thick concrete building and contained a million pods. The transpensive was composed of trillions of supercomputers containing yottabytes of data to store streams of human consciousness in and transfer them into mass-produced brain prosthesis colloquially termed as the “cyber brain.” The cyber brain was made solely for this invention until its usefulness was considered valuable to the human race’s survival.

The transpensive undergoes through a process with five phases: digitation, encryption, transference, decryption, and installation to successfully store a human consciousness into a cyber brain. Digitation is the process of turning biochemical composition of the human consciousness into data. The next phase, encryption, converts this data into a unique code to prevent the digitized consciousness from mixing into another. Transference is the phase of channeling data from the transpensive into the cyber brain. The cyber brain initializes the last two phases of the process, decryption and installation; thus, completing the process of human mind-transfer. After the process is complete, the cyber brain is housed into a full-body prosthesis in which a human can live a second life as a cyber organism.

Historic articles report that Thorsrud’s team saved 3 billion lives with transpensive.  In addition, it recounts the plan between his team and NASA for the entrainment of the survivors for interstellar travel. The survivors were ordered to find a new planet for the human race’s survival as the Earth slowly became desolate. Mentalmulator succeeded the transpensive a century later with the actualization of interstellar travel.

Janvictor Zamora