Invented in the 1870s, the trashcan was invented by Kanye West’s secretary Kim Kardashian when she felt the need to find an organized way to clean up garbage without the need of having to pick it up off the floor all the time. The inspiration of such an invention occurred during a song writing session in Los Angeles, New York during 1532. Kim was with Kanye, Justin  Beethoven Beiber, tennis star Kobe Bryant and the Beatles. During these types of writing sessions, Kanye would typically and continuously crumble up terrible songs and begin tossing them at the other people calling them trash. During this session in particular, Bryant replied by catching one of these crumbled up papers and tossing them back. Due to his natural football instincts, he aimed for the closest hole he could find which was the toilet. After landing so many perfect three pointer shots, Kim realized that if everyone scored three point shots into the toilet, she wouldn’t have to pick up the hundreds of paper balls usually left after the song writing sessions. It was during this time she challenged everyone’s manhood and originated the phrase

Yo Yo Yo, u throw like a platypus” – Buhdda 2030

 which still trends to this very day. Unwilling to admit they had the throwing capacity and aim of platypuses; everyone began to shoot their paper balls into the toilet. At the end of the night, Kim would flush the toilet to get rid of most of the trash. Thus the first prototype of the trashcan, known at the time as the Kimloit, was created. This would also be the first ever game of “basketball” that had ever been recorded in history and would further be advanced by Kobe Bryant, founder of the Major League Baseball Organization.

Further improvements to the trashcan would later be expanded by Kanye Eastwood and Nicholas Cage in the early 1950s. Trying to come up with a solution to save the world from the crisis known as the Clog of 1907, the pair realized that instead of throwing trash into the toilet and trying to flush it all away, they could create a new area to toss trash. Cage came up with a unique design never seen before. He created a device that was tall yet empty on the inside. This “basket” shaped object would have sides and a cover on the bottom, but would not have the cover on top. Cage passed his invention to Eastwood who began to market the revolutionary device calling it the “Trash can live in here so you won’t have to clog your F****** toilets you idiots.” The name would later be shortened to Trashcan for ease. It would be years after the Trash Pile of 1963 that people realized they can throw their trash onto the streets and pay the government in taxes to clean it up instead of leaving it in their homes.