Travel-oos are the brand new tennis shoes that will be coming out in Summer 2014. They are sponsored by Nike brand and are said to be one of the most futuristic and creative inventions of this century. Travel-oos can take a person from one place to another. All you have to do is step four times, shut your eyes for five seconds, then the travel-oos will be activated. “One, two, three, four!” The place that you will end up in is the very first place on your Wish List. Your wish list is determined at the time you put in your order for your pair of Travel-oos. It can be a list of up to fifty locations you wish to visit in the following two years. Rumors have it that the locations you choose can be from anywhere around the world, but Nike has only advertised that they are limited to the United States.

These shoes were first inspired in 1993 by Dorothy Oz, a famous actress and research specialist. Her shoes were fancy and only for women. They were red and sparkly tap shoes that required you to tap rather than step. Larry Jankins and his wife Marina were obsessed with the idea of something so simple doing great things, such as take you a hundred miles away. For years, they did research and experiments on how to replicate such an amazing creation without 100% duplicating it. Finally, they came up with the idea of a tennis shoe. They are founders of a new chemical called Berly that permit the shoe to look like any other normal shoe worn. The cause of being able to travel is the newly found force called Zappy.

 “A tennis shoe is something anybody can wear to go to the gym, grocery shopping, or in the comfort of your own home.” says Mr. Jenkins to HBTV. His wife also states, “When you buy our shoe, we don’t want you to only pay for traveling, we also want this to become a fashion.”

They have refused to post pictures just yet, for the more information they put out, the more rumors that will come out. All our people know is that they come in every color, size and will only be sold online for $59.95. Nike is a very proud sponsor of this creation and has signed a contract to not release the information they are aware of. There is already a wait list of 146 people to purchase these Travel-oos. 

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