Travis Kimes

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Travis Morgan Kimes (Born January 6, 1989) is an American musician, student, thinker, and complainer.


He was born and raised in Hollister, Ca, which is a small town about an hour south of San Jose, Ca. He now resides in Santa Clara County, and is a current student attending SJSU to earn his bachelors degree in communications studies with a minor in the school radio program. He is constantly looking for excuses. He has been an avid musician and music/vintage music equipment collector since 2006.


Kimes first started high school in the fall of 2003 at San Benito High School, located in his hometown of Hollister California. It was there where he gained a group of close friends that turned him on to many different types of music that influenced him greatly. This was also around the time when he got together his first band and started playing small punk shows in other kids’ garages or parties. This continued through the whole four years of school at San Benito, concerning somewhat his parents. He was asked to think about his future from his family so then he developed an interest in metal shop class in his Junior and Senior years of school. By the time of graduation, Kimes had realized deep down he had no real desire to make metal crafting his life’s work. Instead of this, he planned on attending junior college after high school.


After high school, Kimes attending a couple different junior colleges before recently moving to his current location and starting work on his upper division classes towards his bachelor degree at SJSU.

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