Treetopia is an island in the Caribbean that was discovered in 1833 by explorer Porkmuth Butterblergh, an English noble. Butterblergh ventured out in hope of finding more butter, but was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that the island he stopped on was uninhabited, making him the "founder" of Treetopia. He named the island after his dog, also named Treetopia, a common name at the time. The island is now the home of McDonald's CEO, Plimbo Durgham who purchased the island in 1974 from the governing body of the island at the time, a species of goat people called the Polumbos. Polumbos mysteriously started appearing on the island sometime between 1835 and 1837, allegedly "created" to work in Butterblergh's lard factory. While many draw comparisons between the Oompa-Loompas of the popular film "Wolly Winka and the Biscuit Assembler", there is no evidence to suggest that they are related. Strangely however, the Polumbos do share an affinity for song with the Oompa-Loompas, which perplexes even modern scientists.

In 2013, half of the island was lost to the Great Lard Fires, an inferno ignited by a lard accident on the west side of the island. The rebuilding process is currently underway, but progress is slow due to the discovery of dangerous worms burrowing in the ground outside the main lard canister. The worms ate 2 of the workers, John Smith and Toto Lingus, alive, and their remains were sold on eBay for 11,900 and 13,440 respectively. Plans to deal with the worms failed catastrophically, as they were too small to shoot with guns, and fire inexplicably served to make them stronger and more angry. Plans to rebuild in the future are rumored to involve ice.