A Troll Cat or “stór ljótur köttur”, are large felines commonly found in the rugged Icelandic wilderness. The average Troll Cat reaches 11 feet in height and can weigh up to 7 tons upon full maturity at 120 years old. Troll Cats have been found to be monogamous creatures that mate for life; it has been observed as of 2010 that Troll Cats primarily live in pairs. A hypothesis for this behavior is the disdain the Troll Cats seem to have for other creatures. The average lifespan of a Troll Cat is 200 years, in this time the female Troll Cat will only give birth three times. Troll cats have been observed dwell within deep within Icelandic caves in the Southeast Hvannadalshnúkur mountains. However, they do seasonally migrate to Hot Springs, this migration pattern is dubbed the Lickdefur.

To feed its enormous stature the Troll Cats have to trek to the Ocean for their fishy feast. The primary prey of the Troll Cat is the Narwhal whale; with its high blubber content and entertaining protruding tooth the Troll Cats obtain both food and a toy. The Troll Cat’s preferred method of hunting is a team effort, while one Troll Cat paws the Narwhal’s protruding tooth back and forth the other delivers a fatal blow to the Narwhal’s spinal chord. Not ones to enjoy leaving their dwellings often, Troll Cats will hunt 3-5 Narwhal’s (depending on if there are kettlingurs) per hunting trip: Troll Cats typically hunt three times a month.

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