Tsunami Surfer

Surfing was an ancient watersport invented by Polynesians in the Pacific Islands over a thousand years ago. The first recorded act of surfing was done on the island of Hawaii by European explorers in the early 1800s and within 200 years, the sport of modern surfing was born.

Today, the sport of surfing has evolved into an extreme sport that is not for the faint of heart. Professional surfers battle the ocean to surf waves that are over 100 feet high. Mavericks, the Eddie, and Jaws are some of the annual big wave surfing contests held worldwide. The hazards of big wave surfing includes serious injuries from wipe out to death from drowning, yet, people are willing to risk it to surf these monstrous waves.

Within the last five years, a group of big wave surfers is chasing down even bigger waves to surf, they are known as Tsunami Surfers. Consisting of the veteran big waves champions, the Tsunami Surfers tracks and locate tropical storms and tsunami waves and attempt to ride these waves. These tsunami waves ranges from 100 to 500 feet, the waves generated from these storms can be compared to rolling mountains that have tremendous amount of speed and power. These waves can wipeout anything in its path. One single mistake while surfing these mountain of waves will automatically result in death. The height of the fall and the weight of the water rushing above a falling surfer break his or her bones. Once committed to riding these waves, there is no turning back for these tsunami surfers.