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Tunnels of Coo ZieglerEdit

Indigenous people know as the Coo Ziegler clan located in present day San Francisco, California built miles of tunnels beginning approximately 1760 A.D. and continuing up until 1804 A.D. These indigenous people began building these tunnels in order to better safeguard their goods. These tunnels were filled with hundreds of families’ portraits over the walls as well as various folktales about the Coo Ziegler clan’s history. However, they began developing sensitivity to light in their eyes that would cause blindness when exposed to sunlight for over 16 hours due to working in the tunnels so often. These tunnels were built all the way from present day Napa in the wine fields all the way down to present day Santa Cruz. The Coo Ziegler clan adjusted to tunnel life and lived this way until around the late 1840s. This was around the time the gold rush in California began, which was also the beginning of the end for this once plentiful group of indigenous people. Once people began to discover these tunnels that nearly coincided with the gold mines, over-population and pollution began to destroy these once modern marvel of architecture. People began trying to mine in the tunnels which were not originally designed to do so which caused the tunnels to collapse under severe stress. By 1860, these tunnels had all dilapidated. The Coo Ziegler clan was forced up top to try to assimilate to “normal” life. Unfortunately, most developed blindness to over exposure to sunlight while others dealt with everyday life through sunglasses.

- Leland Gestuvo

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