The turf monster is a creature long rumored to exist in the United States. There have been many supposed sightings of the turf monster in various fields throughout the country. The turf monster has been a target of many monster hunters along with Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster. Many amateur and professional athletes have been reported to have fallen victim to this hard to find creature.

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One famous incident was in October 2012 on Monday Night Football between the Denver Broncos and the San Diego chargers. Eric Decker, a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos was caught a pass down the field and had nothing in-between him in and the end zone. Yet, after a few steps Decker tripped and fell to the ground. Many witnesses that day claim that they saw a small sliver of movement on the field in between Decker's legs.

Turf monster believers claim that Decker's "slip" on the turf was not a trip and fall but the works of the turf monster. When asked for his view on the fall, Decker stated that he was not sure what had happened and only remembered falling after taking a few steps toward the end zone.

Decker was a victim of falling without contact a second time in against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, January 12th, 2014. Decker broke free on a punt return and subsequently tripped and fell again. Decker refused to comment after the game.


List of supposed victims from the turf monster:

  • Ryan Braun (Milwaukee Brewers Left Fielder) 2011
  • Eric Decker (Denver Broncos Wide Receiver) 2012
  • Vick Ballard (NFL Rookie Combine Running Back) 2012
  • Prince Fielder (Detroit Tigers 1st Baseman ) 2013
  • Kody Koebensky (Arizona State Sun Devils Center) 2013
  • Eric Decker (Denver Broncos Wide Receiver) 2014
  • Martin Prado (Miami Marlins 3rd Baseman ) 2015
  • Tiger Woods (Golfer) 2015
  • Ron Coluzzi (Iowa Hawkeyes Punter) 2016
  • Joe Espada (New York Yankees 3rd Base Coach) 2017
  • Carlos Hyde (San Francisco 49ers Running Back) 2017

Related Information:

Another related incident was when the San Francisco 49ers running back Reggie Bush slipped and fell on the concrete outside of the end zone in the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri on November 1st, 2015. Turf monster advocates claim that Bush was tripped by the turf monster's cousin, the concrete monster.

- Raphael Ko