Turnintoawolfitus is a noncontagious autoimmune disorder that causes the victim to, over time, transform from human into a wolf and die. Turnintoawolfitus was first discovered by Dr. John Jacobsen, veterinarian, and Dr. Logan Berger, neurosurgeon, in Germany in 1957. Since its discovery, there has been 900 reported cases throughout Europe. Turnintoawolfitus was popularized through the story, Little Red Riding Hood in which Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother comes down with the disorder.

Turnintoawolfitus is contracted by humans when they eat the meat of an animal that was previously killed and/or eaten by a wolf. The first sign of someone that has contracted Turnintoawolfitus, is an urge to howl at the moon and an increased sense of smell. Within a week of contraction, the victim’s nails start growing rapidly and hair starts growing from their chest, back, neck, face, hands and feet. Additionally, the victim’s teeth will become sharp, and they begin to grow a snout. One month after contraction, the Turnintoawolfitus infected person begins walking on all fours. Two months after contraction, the transformation from human to wolf is complete.

Turnintoawolfitus most commonly affects people over the age of 60, but there have been two cases within the past 5 years of toddlers contracting the disease as well. The average lifespan for someone that has contracted Turnintoawolfitus is 3 months after the first sign. Death results from the brain popping.

There are currently no treatments for Turnintoawolfitus, but antibiotics are prescribed for pain relief to stop the organs from swelling during the transformation.