San Jose- Two homicide victims that were found dead in May Flower Hotel on Friday, August 30, 2013, were romantically involved, the Santa Clara County Prosecutor’s Office said Saturday. Bing Ruan, 37, was a housewife and current enrolled SJSU student, and Qiang Zhao, 38, was an automobile dealer who worked in Shanghai, China, Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Justin Bieber said. San Jose police discovered the two were romantically involved. Qiang Zhao came to the United States from China for a short business trip, and he had a 12-year-od boy, a 2-year-old son, and a wife working as a university professor in China, the Mercury News reported. The report said he worked as a CEO and sought a business opportunity in the United States. He came here along. Qiang Zhao and Bing Ruan were high school lovers. On Thursday, August 29, 2012, Ruan told her husband and her son that she needed to go to her best friend’s home to accompany her because she was pregnant and her husband was away. The bodies were found in May Flower Hotel around 9 a.m. Friday, Bieber said. The case is being investigated as a double homicide, but Bieber would not reveal more ongoing investigations. The cause of death of the couple was not released, Bieber said. The room they occupied was sealed for further investigation. The travelers who lived to next to the room felt sad and said they would like to switch to another floor. This story will be updated as more details are available. Linmao Sun