Tyde Planters (born December 31, 1981) is an Australian actor who first got his start playing the role of a bi-polar teenager in the film Suave Surfer. Currently he is working on his new film Spy Abduction where he will be playing the role Nick Reed. The film is set for American release in mid to late 2012.

Family and Early Life- Planters was born in Sydney, Australia to Darla Planters where she worked as a tour guide to support the family. Planters father Terry Planters unfortunately was killed in an automobile accident shortly after Planters birth.

Darla who is of Dominican decent and Terry who is Australian met while traveling in Europe. Both fell in love with each other rather quickly and were shortly married.

Planter is also the youngest of three children, he has two older sisters by the names of Taylor (34) and Talen (31).

Career- Tyde Planters began acting at the age of 5 when his mother decided to enroll him in a children's acting class so he could become more outgoing. As time past Tyde became more outgoing and by the time he was a senior in high school he decided to do acting full time. As soon as Tyde graduated from high school he went on auditions and landed his first role in a commercial for a local burger establishment. Not long after landing the commercial did he get the role in Suave Surfer.

During the filming of Suave Surfer Tyde gained major popularity by dating well know actress and model Noelle Cotton but unfortunately the two separated shortly after their relationship was leaked to the press.

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