UFO : SightingsEdit

Area 51 is an attraction where many people have traveled to in search of extraterrestrial activity. This land is on a desert land outside of Las Vegas. There have been suspicions that an aircraft not known to humans have hovered above the area. Locals near that area have seen an object that looks like a diamond that hovers 100 ft from the ground for 3 minutes. People believe they have chose Area 51 as their primary location to travel faster than the speed of light. Spectators such as Juan Escamilla have been rumored to have interactions with the extraterrestrials using the UFO’s. Some people believe that there is no way to capture the vessel or take any photo or video footage of it because it travels faster than light and the lenses of any camera cannot capture the rapid movement of the vessel.

There have been theories made by people that the government is involved with space technology that allows the officials to communicate with the species that are controlling the vessel. People have spent hours, days, weeks and months at Area 51 for sightings or landings of the aircrafts. Some have been rumored to have boarded the aircraft and later have no recollection of anything they experienced inside the aircraft.

             There have been rumors that Juan Escamilla approached the diamond or disc shaped aircraft and his camera did not function. People have believed that the species inside the aircraft have technology that humans have never been exposed to. NASA has had space shuttles with plasma spectrums that generate x-rays to capture any movement on earth and in our solar system to determine that any UFO’s exist outside of our atmosphere or not. People believe that the UFO sightings or landings happen during specific times that have not been able to be determined yet.

Krish Patel