Deep underground beneath the Sierra Nevada mountain range is a fully operating U.F.O. hangar with a space lab, used by various space companies. NASA built it under the Trump administration using taxpayers’ dollars from what is called the Black Budget. This UFO hangar is only accessible to the richest wordly people in the world, and to Astronauts. The UFO hangar has daily flights to Mars and to the Moon, plus offers once a week flights to Uranus starting summer. The fact that there is an underground UFO hangar somewhere is public knowledge, but the exact location and how to get there is a secret. The location itself is difficult to reach. There are no roads that lead directly to the hangar. You have to enter either by submarine, or by digging twenty-thousand feet. under Mt. Whitney.

The purpose of this secret location is that it  serves as an entry point for other alien life forms trying to visit and conduct research on Earth. The Underground Space Lab has helped develop cars that can fly due in part to alien technology. It has helped humans evolve into an interplanetary society. The Space Lab takes’ part in various projects that help build Pizza Farms and Alien Cellphones. Its most famous project that it is currently working on, is project Babylon, It focuses on inventing separate floating cities in the sky all over earth, as a means to solve the growing population of Aliens on earth.