There have been sightings of a figure that stands 6’8.” Witnesses say that its’ body is a mixture of black and grey. Scientists have confirmed these sightings are in fact an experiment that went awry. They also mention that the purpose of these experiments were to create soldiers that could survive without air, water or food. Funding for this project was shut down after this they failed to contain the subject.

This figure has an oblong shaped face with a maroon colored tint. The face features eight total eyes that can rotate around its’ head while it hunts, travels or surveils. Its’ hands can take any shape. The nose are slits so that nervous system and smell are a single entity. The mouth is comprised of sharp teeth that can cut through titanium. There is video evidence showing the creature chewing through the walls of the lab and escaping in thirteen seconds. Once this figure has found its’ prey, it has the ability to collapse to the ground and becomes a gel like substance to traverse through different terrains. When in this form, the gel like substance can move at Mach 1 speed and consume whatever it is after. However; when standing on upright, it can take the same structure as a human. In this profile, the creature can move up to a Mach 2 speed. This creature continues to hunt throughout the United States and government officials fear the danger will soon expand to different countries due to its’ strength, speed, self-sustainably.