Uber is a ride sharing app for smart phones used primarily by dog owners who want to chauffeur their pets to training classes and dog shows. Users can requests rides by sending pictures of their pets along with the address they are trying to bring their pets to. Uber was founded by software engineer, Steve Jobs, on January 30 1995, after he realized that he could not fit his 12 huskies into his Honda Fit and that taxis would not drive around pets without their owners. Although Uber was not first well received, it started to gain popularity when the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, began to use the ride sharing service exclusively to bring her posse of Welsh Corgis to the Puppy Bowl segment of Super Bowl XVI when the 49ers played the Raiders in a historic game at the Levi Stadium located in San Jose, California. Jobs agreed to allow the Queen Elizabeth II to use the ride share app exclusively for the event and was able to benefit from the social media posts captured and covered by the paparazzi. After viewing the photos of Queen Elizabeth, dog enthusiasts began to download the app and Uber's stocks skyrocketed. The day after photos were released the company's valuation went from $1.7 million to $6 million. Analysts anticipate that Uber will continue to be successful as they continue to find new customers and branch out to other countries where dogs are popular pets. Their next plan is to expand into the Asian market, where many small dogs such as toy poodles and French bulldogs are becoming increasingly desirable.