Uma (created one million years ago) is a butterfly star woman.  Her lifespan is 10 billion years.  She has a human body, pale translucent skin, violet eyes, orange lips, and long rose-colored hair.  Her butterfly wings are orange, green, yellow, and red.  Uma has this form when she feels neutral.  When she feels neutral she can further expand the edges of the universe. 

Whenever she becomes extremely content or disappointed she transforms into a bright blue star.  When she turns into a star she becomes stuck in one point of the universe.  Emotions make her loose time and not be able to create new beginnings. 

Emotions cause her to become visible from infinite distances; this can be very dangerous to everything around her.  If anyone finds Uma she can create a black hole and destroy the entire universe within 1.5 seconds. 

If a woman on earth looks at the sky at night and sees a large bright blue star she would be viewing Uma in her past.  The further a star is from earth the longer it takes for the light to reach earth.  It would be impossible to find her from earth because she would have already moved on to another part of the universe.  She shows herself to earth only once in her entire lifespan.  The women that do spot her in the vast sky are blessed with a lucky gift.  When the women cease to exist they become new Umas and continue to create the vast universe.


Sofia Vigilante

September 10, 2013

Comm 100W- Sec. 5

Word Count: 250