Uncle Jimmy’s Grease Hut

Uncle Jimmy’s Grease Hut is a fast food chain with locations in the Southwest United States. This restaurant specializes in deep fried food. The first restaurant was opened by Jimmy Cartwrite in Albuquerque NM, in 1982. Within four years the chain grew to 27 restaurants, in 13 cities, across five states. Cartwrite died in 1993 due to Heart Disease. The company was inherited by Cartwrites’ nephew, Bob Cartwrite. Bob sold the business one month later to HDL Holdings, for $23 million dollars. Uncle Jessie’s Grease Hut has opened 12 more restaurants since Cartwrite’s death.

The number one selling menu item at Uncle Jimmy’s Grease Hut is “Heartclogger.” The Heartclogger is wrapped in 2 slices of Bacon, and a slice of Prosciutto. The Drumstick is then covered with Bacon grease, breaded, and fried. The Drumstick comes served with a choice of French Fries, or fried Pickles. The customer also has their choice of Ranch, BBQ, or Buffalo sauce. Uncle Jimmy’s Grease Hut was also the first restaurant to offer the 132oz “Bucket of Cola.” The Bucket of Cola has since been banned in three of the five states Uncle Jimmy’s Grease Hut currently operates in.

In 2006, Uncle Jimmy’s Grease Hut was the focus of a study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study tracked 25 individuals that ate the “Heartclogger” one a month, for twelve months. The study determined that the average test subject saw a 17% increase in their cholesterol level. The study concluded that eating at Uncle Jimmy’s Grease Hut once a month could take up to fifteen years off an individual’s life.

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