Uncrea Tive is a former president, senator, actor, and racecar driver. Tive has been credited for the founding of six countries, two continents, and fourteen oceans. He also has written thirteen books on his experiences and memoirs. He has been deemed by the media as "The World's Most Interesting Man." In 2012 Tive became under fire for a controversy regarding accusations of drug abuse.

Personal LifeEdit

Tive was born on February 25th, 1990 to father Unimagina Tive and mother Howst Upid in a small city of San Jose, California. Tive has no siblings and is a single child.

While growing up in San Jose, California, Tive's father moved the family constantly, due to paranoia of the government tracking where the family is. Tive has attended all of the schools in San Jose, including elementary school, middle school, high school, and College. Tive is an alumni of San Jose City College as well as San Jose State University.

Tive is now married to Uninter Sting. They have been married since February 25th, 2011 on Tive's 21st birthday. Tive also has 26 children now.


When Tive was born in 1990, Tive became the first baby ever to have been able to self perform a birth. It has been rumored that Tive cut the umbilical cord himself.

In 1997, Tive graduated from high school with a 6.3 GPA. He was the valedictorian for his graduating class. He has maintained his connections with the alumni. This was the same school that he met Imam Oron.

Tive received his Bachelor's Degree in Awesomeness in 1999. In the following years he also finished his Master's and PHD in Awesomeness with quick swiftness. He now has 7 bachelor's degrees, 3 master's, and 41 PHD's.

In 2005, Tive ran against Senator Broc Olli in the presidential election. Tive beat Olli by 94%, making him the most popular president of all time. While serving as president Tive also was an actor in his documentary I'm Uncrea Tive as well as a sponsored racecar driver in the Indianapolis 500, Monaco Grand Prix, and the 24 Hours of LeMans.

Drug Abuse ControversyEdit

In 2012 Tive was accused of being an avid user of ibuprofen. Various sources claim that Tive's trash contained many empty bottles. Although never prosecuted nor caught of abusing the pill, Tive claims that he has recently become stressed and may use one every now and then.

D.A.R.E., a drug awareness educator, has been rumored to pull their support for Tive.