Adventuring through the campus at San Jose State University, I stumbled upon a circular brick area with some benches around it, on the lawn in front of the Spartan Memorial. It was a circular area that was made of brick with names carved in them. In the very center of it was a sewage drain, roughly three feet in diameter. Many believe that it is simply an area that is honoring people who had helped build the site or were contributors to the university, but the real legend behind it is much deeper and secretive than that. 

San Jose State University was established in 1857, but that particular area was said to be constructed much later in the 1970’s. The legend of that particular spot is that at the very center where there is a sewage drain, it is said to be a secret passage-way to an underground paradise; where only the most prestigious students were allowed to enter. Those prestigious members are said to be the elite and most popular of the sororities and fraternities at the school. The most puzzling fact is that no one has had conclusive evidence of people entering and leaving from the passage-way. Those who were fortunate enough to be invited had their names inscribed onto the bricks that we see now. Although, to this day, many still do not know that this is the reason why they are there.