Deep DiningEdit

        An underwater resturant experience where you will eat, discover, and enjoy the unknown world below. Come enjoy fine dining off the coast of Brisbane, Australia. Your journey will start in our
home resturant where you will be escorted to our  luxorious shuttle transporting you from land to water. From there you will take off to the adventure tunnel with an astounding twenty minute exploration of the depths of the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, viewing sea animals and life below. Finally, taking you to the 5 star, fine dining experiance of Deep Dining. There you will have your choice of meals from our exquisite, highly rated menu. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to eat with the view of life below.
220px-Coral Garden
Whether traveling though or and Australian local this is a sight you don't want to miss. For a full menu visit our website or for any futher questions pleace contact Nicole Keating-Garcia at