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Underworld Beings have been said to be a hidden by the goverment. These creatures have been rumored to have great knowledge in physics and energy controlling technology. In addition, they are slender, short, and have a pale grey skin with a oval shaped head. According to witnesses, they have been said to communicate through some sort of one-way telepathy in which they can "speak into a person's head". It appears that nonverbal communication is absent in the life of these creatures. They appear to be cold blooded and have a high tolerance for heat.

Many documents have associated these beings with as "aliens" from another planet, although according to research done at Area 51, that these creatures are not from another planet. They are Earthlings, but from under the Earth's crust. As many religious and spiritual documents have spoke of spiritual beings or creatures from the under the Earth.

Although no one has any proof of these creatures, there have been testimonies about the sighting of these creatures of ex-government employees.Gerry Pritcher has stated through various online videos that he ran into "alien greys" as he calls it when working for the goverment as a geologist and engineer. He said they had been dug tunnels to about three and half miles deep and him and others saw these creatures. The governmnet site had many military members there and everyone was required to have a 9mm pistol. Pritcher had said they carried some sort of mini satellite and when he had reached for his pistol, they shot a electrical lazer at some of the other members. Pritcher's hand had been melted by a lazer shot, but he ended up shooting both "greys" with his pistol.

There has also been many technological advancements, through the knowledge recieved by these creatures.One employee from Area, Lino Razor, who had previously worked for government as an engineer in 1981. He said the technology at the work site was incredible and "well kept secret" from the rest of humanity. He said he saw flying saucers that used anti-matter technology as well as gravity enhancers to alter the amount of force it would take for these to life off the ground.

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There are have been evidence that these beings were interesed in human genetics while in trade these creatures gave us technological advances of these flying saucers.This collaboration came to an end in 1985 when the military soldiers, grouped with scientists, had brought holstered pistols had been walking over to have a meeting with these other lifeforms. Some sort of miscommunication occurred between the tow parties and the soldiers and scientist were all found dead with some sort of internal head wound.

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