The Tower Hall building of San Jose State University and the area surrounding it is situated over a hotspot that has magical characteristics. The statue to the left of the building on Tower lawn is a teleportation device. It was discovered by a wandering monk in the early 1300s. Although not possessed by any supernatural entity, the statue is able to differentiate between the kind of people who use it or attempt to do so.  As a result of this phenomenon, people who could disturb the places they visit and affect that place in a negative way are unable to make use of the device. The statue is used mostly by scientists and historians to visit places of their choosing for research purposes. However, because of the statue’s selectiveness, those who use it must take great care to only observe their surroundings and do nothing to change them, or the statue will not permit them to use it again.


The seating area opposite the Tower Hall building is a secret rendezvous point which is known only to those people who were told of its existence by someone else. Entering this place uninvited is impossible. Almost hidden under three large trees whose branches fan out to provide overhead cover, the spot is concealed from people passing by. To add to that, placed opposite the entrance of the seating area, a large bell sits atop a pedestal. This bell guarantees absolute invisibility when rung. Thus, the meeting point affords total privacy to those who desire it. These are two of the magical places near Tower Building.


Shreya Zalani