Unicorn is believed to be a legendary animal that was found in Greek natural history in 398 BC. It is described as a goodly white horse with a large, pointed and spiraling horn on its forehead. It represents purity, grace and a source of luck; and its horn has the power to render poison and heal sickness. Unicorn’s appearance also differs due to its mysterious history; however, there has been evidence that proved the existence of this mystical creature.Edit

          True believers have been conducting researches and adventures to trace for unicorn. The newest sign of its existence was announced by North Korea when they found a unicorn lair in 2012 in Pyongyang, believed to be the place where ??? used to keep his unicorns. Moreover, unicorn’s skeleton was found in 1663 in the limestone near Mount Zeunikenberg, the territory of Quedlinburg, and proved to be one of the evidences for reality unicorn besides numerous of eyewitnesses of unicorn over centuries. Edit

Unicorn wasn’t just created by human’s imagination. If so, why is it that plentiful of evidence has been provided and people still believe? There is hundred and thousands of mysterious places that we are not able to explore yet; therefore, it’s also hundred and thousands of myth are still unfolded; and unicorn is one of them. Nature is magical that sometimes technology just can’t give out the answer. They’re the greatest gifts of nature that belongs to the miraculous side of the earth.

                                                                                                                     Nhuquynh NguyenEdit