Unicorn-[yoo-ni-kawrn] (equus ferus uniconis) noun. Is an enchanted creature resembling a white horse with a single spiraling horn from its head. It is a subspecies of wild horses (equus ferus) and of the equidae magicus family. It is a distant relative of the narwhal, a sea whale with a large protruding tusk. Unicorns are creatures that reside in the forest of Hallormsstadarskogur in Iceland and are known to be docile and mystical creatures with many powers and can only be captured by virgins. Unlike horse, unicorns cannot be domesticated and must be allowed to wander freely in the woods, otherwise they will die. They are believed to have existed since the 8th century B.C. with references found in ancient Greek texts. They only mate first month of spring that is why their population is low.

The horn of the unicorn has special medicinal powers, having the ability to heal the sick. Only true virgins are able to direct the magic powers of the unicorn. There has been rumored that if a non-virgin poses to be a virgin to capture a unicorn, he/she would be torn apart by the unicorn’s horn. Should one kill a unicorn, they shall meet a horribly painful death by nature. They said unicorns are very passionate creatures and they do not harm other creatures otherwise.