The unicorn is known to many as a beautiful beast that is very rare to the human race.  This creature is characterized as a large animal that looks like a horse, goat or ass.  There is a single spiral horn located in between the unicorn’s ears that possess special mystical powers.  This horn can range up to a cubic and a half in its length and can be white, black or red in color.  The history of the unicorn came into existence before c. 1495 and is still within societies today.  In the biblical sense, the unicorn is also known as a Re’em.  The Re’em is a symbol that signifies strength and agility.  This creature is extremely powerful and rare to many societies.

Special Powers

 It has been said that the unicorn can heal the sick and turn dirty water into drinking water.  With the special abilities of the unicorn, it is commonly known that the only person able to catch and tame this creature is a virgin.  The horn itself is also called the alicorn and thought to have the strength to cure diseases along with the ability to detect if there are any poisons present.

Melissa Morrow

Writing Workshop

San Jose State University