FANDOM 05:45, March 25, 2013 (UTC)Martha Hernandez

The unicorn is said to be a mystical animal that resembles a white horse with a spiral horn projecting from its forehead. It usually contains the features of a lion’s tail, goat’s beard, and glowing eyes. They are said to solely exist as the “protectors” of forests and are thought to appear, only, when the forests are in danger. The presence of a unicorn is usually announced by the chiming of bells to announce that there is a presence of divinity. Unicorns are commonly symbolic of purity and enchantment. They are believed to encompass magical qualities in which they perform miracles and bring wisdom to those who are pure of heart. It is alleged that unicorns have the ability to sense evil and radiate an aura that will protect them from evil spells. Many have claimed that the touch a unicorn’s horn can heal wounds and cure poison. Rumors exist that even the stool of a unicorn contains magic which is made up of rainbows and butterflies. They typically live up to 1,000 years old, and show signs of aging only weeks before death. It is largely believed that unicorns are associated with fairytales and folklore. While the sighting of a unicorn is rare, there have been reports and the earliest can be traced back to the biblical ages. There have been accounts of unicorns and can be found in the King James Version of the bible. In modern day, unicorns are believed to inhabit the dreams of young children, where dreams act as their playground. 

Martha Hernandez