Unicorns are often known as mystical creatures. These mystical creatures are alleged to have originated during the times of the medieval ages, or even before that time period. Although no previous discussion or proof has considered the theory true, according to one witness, the interbreeding of horses and narwhals first created unicorns. It is rumored that unicorns have a horse like shape with a horn on top of its head. The blood of the creature is believed to have magical powers that heal any wound inflicted upon any human being. Often mentioned in fictional tales, beings like Merlin the wizard often used the blood to heal wounds inflicted on humans during war.

Although there is no physical proof of this creature, some have claimed that they had spotted one in the forest where the leprechauns live with their pots of gold. Supposedly, they had seen the unicorn chasing the leprechaun for its meal. It is often assumed that these mystical creatures have the ability to travel through time and alter the universe. In addition, it is implied that humans rarely see this creature up close because of their ability to disappear when felt threatened.

It is rumored that every year, a small and secretive group form and attend a small fundraiser to raise money to search for these creatures. Because many do not know of this fundraiser, the representatives of the group try to advertise themselves to raise more money every year. If this group raises enough funds to capture unicorns, the blood and powers of the creature could conceivably better the world.

Sabastiani Leon Chao
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