Unicorns in Peru

Recently a unicorn was found in the mystic forest in Peru. The Mystic forest is one of the 8 world wonders while known for its unparalleled beauty it is also known for its mysterious creatures.   Explorers came across an animal with a distinctive, twisted, cone- like horn on its head wandering around the mystic forest in Peru, when attempting to take a closer look the animal disappeared into thin air, the National Investigator: Jungle edition reports. The explorers decided to check for tracks to confirm if they had actually seen the peculiar creature. According to an article in Forrest Explorers, “The tracks were legit at first glance you would think they were just regular hoof prints but upon  closer inspection you realize that they have a slightly but noticeably distinctive imprint, these hoof prints had a twist pattern around the border of the hoof” (John Nhoj, p 25). For many years Unicorns have been a mystery nobody has been able to figure out if they were legitimate or not, until now. Many people have claimed to see the mythical creature but with no proof or credibility. This is one of the most convincing cases we have heard yet. The case is that Unicorns have just been hiding out in the Peruvian mystic forest for centuries, since they can disappear so quickly, it is no wonder that people didn’t realize what they were seeing.

It is confirmed that with the set of footprints that were left behind and the explorer’s photographs of those prints, we can confirm this rare breed of horse has finally been discovered. With the Unicorn, mystery solved it will be interesting to see what other mythical creatures have been discovered as well. The whereabouts of this animal are being monitored as we have employed scientists in the forest to study it, just to see what kind of environment in the forest it dwells in and what type of food it consumes. We are very excited about studying this animal further and declaring it a new species. Written by Talia DuBois