University Finger

The Finger has always existed as an expression of anger but the University Finger is rumored to have started after the education budget cut. The finger is express by folding all four fingers into the palm while leaving the middle finger up. According to millions of people, the University Finger means “Fuck you” to the University. Governments were having difficulty in supporting its many obligations so it reduces its spending and several news stations reported that over millions of dollars were cut from the education system and students were forced to pay higher fees for their education. Publishing journals have cited students are upset across California’s University campuses. There are articles depicting stories of students boycotting the budget cut and the fee hikes by walking out of class and flicking the University Finger.

Millions of students have admitted that they have done the University Finger. According to many students, the University Finger seemed to have increase in popularity from students to professors. Some San Jose State University professors have stated that the class room buildings are too old and there are too many students with little class availabilities. It’s rumored that even professor Brohne is increasing his using of illuminate to decrease his time in the old building. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether he has done the University Finger. Though the University Finger has been around for several years, students are still using it to express their anger at the University today. It is unclear how many professors are using it, but the popularity of the University has not declined since it was initially started.

Katelyn Truong