Throughout time, the idea of ghosts and spirits still having the ability to make contact with the living world has been a topic up for debate. Recently, famous researchers such as Dr. Tan and Dr. Rojas have made advancements in their work to make contact with the dead; moreover, the two spirits that have made contact were Chody and Goata.

Dr. Tan and Dr. Rojas discovered that that these two spirits were in fact the souls of two powerful warriors who lived and died on the battlefield in effort to take control of San Jose. Both spirits have not been able to be put at rest because they have been searching for new hosts for their spirits to embody to once again at trying to take control all of San Jose. After making contact with Chody’s and Goata’s spirit, the researchers tried getting them to reveal more of what each other’s plans were to be if San Jose gotten into their hands. Dr. Rojas stated that the spirits’ plan to take over San Jose involved making the city correct in their image. In addition, Dr. Tan had discovered where the fight between Chody and Goat had taken place and found their remains deep underground with many other warriors.

Historians, such as Professor Hanks and Professor O’Neil have put in time and effort into understanding the history of Chody and Goata, they believe that the main reason for the spirits to be unrested is due to them not receiving a proper burial. For example, at the time of Chody’s and Goata’s battle, they lived in a society where warriors were glorified like gods. According to Professor Hanks, due to the mass burial, both spirits have never found peace because they weren’t idolized after death as when they were alive. Additionally, in the society that Chody and Goat had lived in, warriors that had survived many battles were given a burial that involved a week of mourning, and a shrine dedicated to them in their honor. According to Professor O’Neil, both Chody and Goata will always be in search for hosts to complete the battle they believe is unfinished.

Peter Montesinos