Made in during the Cold War Era, the United States of America feared that if a nuclear missile were to ever strike U.S. soil they would need a way to control that radiation from its citizens. San Jose State University did many research on soviet missiles and how much damage a missile could cause and began developing a prototype vacuum system that would ultimately, suck up the radiation and have a controlled environment. the first prototype “Very Environmental Nuclear Trap System” later known as V.E.N.T.S were being implanted into the San Jose State campus of chemists to test how effective their idea worked. The main purpose of V.E.N.T.S was to keep the facilities radiation free much like underground bomb shelters, after a nuclear explosion happened at a heavily populated zone (San Francisco) radiation would spread across the state leaving the land a hazardous waste. Initial testing proved to be successful in the buildings and so V.E.N.T.S were taken in to a mass produced product in the United States. This small invention later became known as vents and has become the main ventilation to keep citizens safe in all types of facilities ranging from court houses, army bases, to small commercial uses at home. Upon technicalities we never saw the true potential of V.E.N.T.S working are there were no nuclear strikes from the Soviet Union or any other countries, but rest assured we are safe and sound in the comfort of our own homes thanks to San Jose State University V.E.N.T.S!