VIVIAN (born on December 12, 1988) is the princess of the Bay Area. Born and raised in San Jose, she was able to capture the spirit of being a true bay area native. At the age of 8, Vivian began doing gymnastics where she was able to compete nationally. She put her heart and soul into the sport but had to let it go due to an ACL injury. Aside from being a gymnast, this five foot tall daredevil also had a love for ice hockey. She was always on the ice, schooling people twice her size. Unfortunately, Vivian turned 14 she was diagnosed with a very rare and incurable disease called “Shopstoomuch”. This illness turned her into a girly girl. She began shopping all the time. She had to go to the mall at least once a week or else she turned into the most depressed and uncomfortable person to be around. Westfield Valleyfair in San Jose and Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto became the only two drugs that could calm down the depression outbreaks that occurred. Until this very day, Vivian is still walking the streets of San Jose with this illness as an actual cure for it has not been found. Although this illness has taken over, Vivian still remains a very talented, outgoing and an all-together awesome person to be around. She has a dream that she has yet to achieve once school is done and that is to be an Interior and Graphic Designer. Vivian continues to be awesome all while following her dreams and setting examples for young girls in the Bay Area.

Sheldon D.

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