A vampire is an intelligent and beautiful species. A vampire is born as human that contains a gene mutation, which at the age of 18 may force the individual to turn into a vampire. The change leaves the individual in extreme mental and physical exhaustion due to the heightened senses and physical change vampires possess. Physical characterizes of a vampire include very pale skin, light eyes, and long canine teeth known as fangs. Their hair color does not change during the transformation. Female vampires are tall with slim bodies whereas males are very muscular. Vampires have heightened senses such as smell, taste and sight. Vampires have incredible reflexes and an increase in strength and speed. They have the ability to evaporate and materialize as well as the ability to blend into shadows. Vampires may be out in sunlight, however they do not feel comfortable for long periods of time. Sunlight creates exhaustion in vampires, therefore they often choose to be on a nocturnal schedule. A vampires diet consists of normal food and blood. They can survive on normal food, but blood is required due to the nourishment is contains. Vampires mainly receive blood from the opposite sex of their own race. While Vampires can feed off female humans, it is rare due to the lack of substance found in human blood. The length of time between feeding depends on each vampire. A vampire typically feeds once every three months. Vampires only need a small amount of blood to survive, and do not kill when they feed. Vampires may breed with their own species or humans.

Brandi Keltner