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For many centuries, vampires are widely known as blood-sucking creatures. Vampires are a hybrid type of creatures. They look like humans, but they have special powers that humans do not have. Many people say that they live and walk among human beings. Vampires’ primary source of food and energy derive from human’s blood. There have been rumors saying that vampires can only take blood of the opposite sex in order to survive. This is why their psychic ability to hypnotize people comes in handy. Vampires can attract and seduce their prey before hypnotizing and consuming blood from their neck. In some cultures, people believe that vampires are a hybrid form of bats and humans. In these cultures, vampires have humans figure with wings and fangs.

Special PowersEdit

One of vampires’ specialties is to live in eternity. In other words, they do not age or die. However, vampires are not immortal. They can be executed or destroyed by several ways. Another special power of vampires that people often talk about is hypnotic. The hypnotic power allows vampire to make people listen and follow their orders. After being compelled, the victims do not remember the things happen to them during the time they are being hypnotized.

Things Vampires Afraid of and Ways of DestructionEdit

In many countries, people strongly believe that vampire afraid of garlic and the cross figure. Therefore, it is not unusual that churches are vampires’ enemy. Vampires can live eternity unless they are killed or destroyed by the wooden stakes or fire. The wooden stakes take away Vampires’ “immortality” and kill them. The vampires also afraid of sunlight, and that is why they only go out and consume blood during the nights.

Vampirism and ScienceEdit

There have been scientific experiments showing that vampires do exist, and they can turn non-vampire human into one. That is how vampire increases their population since they cannot conceive naturally like humans. It is wise to advice people not to go out at night to avoid the creatures of the night, vampires.

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