Vas Legas is a city in California that was started to better the famed, Las Vegas in Nevada. Vas Legas is a special place because it creates an environment that is all about partying, gambling, and decisions that you won't regret. Similarly to Las Vegas, young people come to Vas Legas to party and have a good time. The majority of people here are single looking to have a good time. The partying in Vas Legas is out of this world: clubs, festivals, bars, concerts. The best part of Vas Legas is that all drinks are complimentary. The partying is the main attraction to Vas Legas but the gambling is a great way to spend your time. The gambling is a guaranteed win. The gambling works like this, you cannot lose and your wins just accumulate. This makes Vas Legas feel like heaven. Free drinks, parties, and winning money! But it gets better. You will not regret any decisions. At all. It is mostly single people but there are the occasional people that are in a committed relationship. If you are in a relationship and you do have a fun night with someone, you will have so much fun that you won't care. You may be scared of a disease or two but it is promised that all people there are disease free. In summary, Vas Legas is a real life heaven. You go to awesome parties, drink free drinks, make money, and have fun nights with people that are clean with no strings attached.