Vegeta: Prince of all Saiyans

Vegeta is rumored to be one of the last remaining of the saiyan race still in existence. Vegeta, historically, has been linked to relentless behavior in the quest to become the strongest saiyan alive. Vegeta was the prince of planet vegeta, before that planet was destroyed. The explosion of planet vegeta nearly killed vegeta as well.  This incident in his life is rumored to be the moment where Vegeta's heart turned cold and unmerciful. 

Vegeta's Rival

Vegeta's arch nemesis is named Goku, whom Vegeta has shown hatred towards in the past. Vegeta has been known to stop at nothing to beat Goku in every aspect of life. Fighting and Training are what Vegeta enjoys to do the most. Vegeta often cold and unmerciful exhibits a power that has known to wreak havoc to those who stand in his way of achieving perfection.

Vegeta's Future

Many speculate about what's in store in Vegeta's future, but one thing is certain, he will stop at nothing to achieve greatness. Vegeta has always been a lone warrior, but he doesnt mind that either. Vegeta is certain to have many great battles in his future and many challenges as well. However, Vegeta has proved time and time again that he is destined for greatness. His saiyan blood running through his veins is all he needs to continue the quest and achieve elite warrior status.

Carlos Diaz-Ochoa