Long ago a large meteorite on the continent of Africa in the kingdom of Wakanda. The meteorite was miles wide and was made of a precious metal called vibranium. Vibranium possesses special properties for example it can absorb sound waves, vibration, and even kinetic energy. This metal is also virtually indestructible because when energy is absorbed by the metal it is then stored between the molecules strengthening the metal making it one of the world’s most durable valuable metals selling at $10, 000 a gram. Scientists have theorized that the way vibranium is able to store kinetic energy is similar to that of a spring but at a molecular level. When a spring is compressed it has a greater potential energy and that’s what is being stored inside vibranium. If enough force were to hit vibranium all the potential energy in the metal would be released at once in a huge explosion. The properties of vibranium have allowed the kingdom of Wakanda to become a technologically advanced civilization.  Because of its energy absorbing properties, vibranium is used to forge armor or weapons and such. There also exists a natural variant of vibranium known as Anti-Metal only found in Antarctica which has contradictory effects to African vibranium. Anti-Metal is also a metal that vibrates however instead of becoming more durable it breaks down the molecules in other solid metals and materials. Ant-Metal is believed to come from the same meteorite that struck Wakanda but due to the surrounding climate where it landed its natural properties were changed and this is why it differs from Wakandan vibranium.