End of his life:

Victor Espinal, a former De Anza College student, is now a buried corpse at the Strine Memorial. He was buried at 5:30 am this morning after dying from alcohol poisoning. Perry Pinkerton M.D. is citied saying, “the alcohol poisoning occurred after Mr. Espinal consumed alcohol”. Dr. John, a leading doctor on Espinal’s failed surgery is quoted saying, “I think Perry Pinkerton may be onto something.” A few dissenting voices have been heard from other members of the medical community. Dr. Hintsa raised the following concerns: “what if it’s not the alcohol that gave him alcohol poisoning? Has anyone considered aliens?” ( Another trained doctor, Mrs. Nguyen, feels that, “Victor Espinal may have died from the radiation of his smart phone. We used snapchat very often, and I cant’ help but feel responsible. 


Victor Espinal’s death has been followed by a disproportionately large number of college activism. Students of De Anza College have doubled the number of séances occurring on campus. Multiple reports of anonymous ghost sightings have been submitted to the “anonymous ghost sightings” box. De Anza College refused to comment on the situation.


Following his death, Victor was posthumously awarded with an “Award” award for 2016. A psychic by the name of Mommy Mayhem accepted the award claiming to speak for the dead student. The speech went as follows: “Thank you all for giving me this award. I apologize for Mommy Mayhem’s accent, but no one else seems to get me. Enjoy the punch.”