Victor secret is a retail store inspired by Victoria secret. As you know Victoria secret is known for lingerie but victor secret is known for men's boxers, men's fragrance, and also men's active wear. With in victor secret there is a brand called blue, which is very similar to Victoria's Secrets Pink brand. Blue wants the younger male customers to feel comfortable in what they wear everyday to school and college, so they have clothes such as sweat pants and comfy hoodies. 


There are a total of five locations so far Over the Bay Area. The words "Victor Secret" are written in blue across the whole store. There are five registers at each location. The bags which they use to put the products inside are dark blue and baby blue stripes. Also if customers would like, they have baby blue stuffing paper. 


The Blue department has blue stripes rather than the words victor secret written across. The fragrance department is brightly lit compared to the rest of the store and rather than just selling fragrance there is also an after shave collection along with other products such as chap stick and even combs.  While standing in line they have little impulse towers that have items such as nail clippers and socks.


The fitting rooms are huge and very roomy. Inside each room there is a quote written on a mirror in white by an athlete with a picture of the person who said the quote outside the fitting room. Also there is always a fitting room attendant who can assist you. 


Nikita Bajaj