Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret is the largest retailers when it comes to lingerie and it was founded by Roy Raymond. They sell many things besides lingerie including workout clothes, sweat pants, jackets, beauty products, and also fragrances. It is mainly known for its fashion show which is called The Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

            Roy Raymond was embarrassed to go buy his wife lingerie at a department store. So he then started studying the lingerie market for about eight years. He borrowed $40,000 and opened the first Victoria Secret at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto.

            Victoria Secret did really well the first year so Raymond was able to purchase four more locations. Also he even created the catalog for the company. The downside was that at that time Victoria Secret was focusing all their attention on trying to sell lingerie to the men for their wives so the company started heading towards bankruptcy. Then Victoria Secret finally started focusing on selling lingerie to male customers along with the female ones. And that’s when they started coming out with new colors and patterns for bras and panties.

            PINK became a huge brand for the younger generation which is incorporated with Victoria Secret. PINK was created so the normal college girl could go to college feeling comfortable in what she is wearing.

Within five years there were 346 retail stores opened. That’s when they started selling other products besides lingerie. As of today there are 1000 stores in the United States, plus they are even starting to open stores outsides of the United States as well.


Nikita Bajaj