Vinchenzo “The Fireman” Venchini

Vinchenzo Alton Venchini, also ironically known as “The Fireman,” was a Mafia enforcer who gained notoriety for dousing all his victims with gasoline, and setting them a light. Venchini was born in Jersey Shore, New Jersey, on April 3, 1979, to Italian immigrant parents, Marco and Luciana Venchini. Marco worked as a dock worker in New York, and his mother Luciana was a piano teacher.

Venchini’s life in organized crime started at the age of twelve, when the local mobster Frank “Fatty” Ciccone caught Vinchenzo stealing deli meat from the Ciccone family deli. Ciccone forced Vinchenzo to collect a debt owed to the Ciccone family by a local Polish family, which ended with Venchini burning down their home. It was at that time that Venchini discovered his love for fire, and violence. Ciccone was so impressed with Venchini that he made him a permanent part of the Ciccone family crime syndicate.

The Fireman would go on to murder around 42 victims during his reign of terror, though the actual number has been widely disputed among Mafia historians, with some claiming he killed more than 75 people. His life was brought to an abrupt and bizarre end on August 12, 2011, when he apparently tried to kill spider in his bathroom with a lighter and a can of hair spray, and instead set his entire house on fire with him trapped inside. Family members of his victims have said that reason Venchini died in such a fashion was because that he was such an evil and terrible man the Devil himself had to come and take him to the underworld.