Fictspedia: Vodka of Courage

           The Vodka of Courage, also known as Liquid Courage, has been said to infuse courage into whomever is the person to drink it. There are many accounts of people consuming this beverage going forth and committing acts that they would not do under normal circumstances.  This can be seen on how vodka is associalted with feats of history, such as the Champion’s Duel of Alexander Peresvet, the Crimean War of 1853, and the Soviet-Finnish War during World War II. The Champion’s Duel was the deciding factor in starting the war between the Russians and the Tatars of the Golden Horde. Ruling of the duel resulted in a tie being that both champions, one being Alexander Peresvet, died in the first joust. The second event is the Crimean War in 1853. In this battle the British were vastly outnumbered by the Russian and had miscommunicated the meaning of the term “horse artillery”. Finally the Soviet-Finnish War is a battle between Russia and Finland. This is where the greatly outmanned Finns gave a devastating blow to the Russian army. Even though Finland lost, it still influenced Hitler to invade the Soviets the following year. Historians have stated, “though out history, many cultures have used vodka to prepare themselves for various hardships”. The basic ingredients for vodka are either potatoes or grains. 

Henry Ott