Waikikamukau was a small town in the Wredneck county of Louisiana. In the early 19th century John Smith IV went out in search of a new water source, when he discovered a large population of cattle in hidden valley. He hurried back to his caravan to tell all his family. They decided to settle in this hidden valley. There were only 10 of them at that time, but within the next 2 years the population had grown to over 100 people. The name Waikikamukau came when a young boy got angry with one of his parents cows. He decided to kick it and yell out “stupid cow!” His parents were furious and asked him why he “kicked the moo cow?” The phrase soon caught on and the town name was born. Through the next few years the town flourished. The town’s people continued to breed cows as their main source of food and trade value. By 1880 Waikikamukau was the home to more than 1500 people. In 1884 a feud started between the Smith family and the Williams family. Coincidentally the feud was started over the ownership of a cow. The feud between the families eventually escalated and in 1894 a civil war broke out in the town. The war was brutal and 90% of the population was killed. Mad cow disease soon spread throughout the remaining people left in the town. The legend has it that the young boy who first kicked the cow, cursed the town until eventually the cows got their revenge.

By Harrison Waid

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