In the year 3180 Wally Griffin was born. Most notably he was known for his presidency in the United States of Old Mexico in the year 3210. During his presidency he was famous for driving around in the best luxury cars on the market. One famous car was super-fast bullet Ford Pinto Bean. Not only was he known for his lavish lifestyle, but also his controversial signing of laws. One, which the prestigious news organization NCC calls, “Ridiculous”, which essentially made every drug legal. This law essentially made drug trafficking nonexistent which is now one of the major reasons entrepreneurship and innovation are at an all-time high. Griffin’s creation of apps based on the drug trades is the countries leading source of revenue. Life after his presidency continued with even more spotlight as he was the first man to hang glide over the volcano of Mt. Hot Tamale. This record-breaking event now is the reason his statue is in front of the Ripley’s You Better Believe It Museum in his home town of King Kong Kalifornia.

Griffin’s vida loca (crazy life) came to an end in the late summer of 3250. One stormy night, Griffin was seen leaving the famous casino The GMG Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was found early that morning at about 5:43 AM when a jogger saw a car fallen of a cliff. Surveillance video from the casino as well as other local traffic cameras saw music mogul “8 Chainz” follow Griffin. It was later found the Chainz hated Griffin from his years as president. His grave now sits in his home town on Spooner St.