The Walter Bottle

On March 16th,1970, a war erupted between the United States National Guard and the Russian Nationalist Army over control of Mount Fiji. According to the US National Guard battlefield reports, the main cause of death during the length of the war was due to dehydration. The National Guard had attempted to find a solution to help hydrate their soldiers by designating water boys to deliver water to the solders. However, it proved to be less effective than it was designed for. The water boys would often spill the cups of water while running towards the solders in battle. The high casualty angered the American citizens and they were on the edge of revolting the US Government demanding for a better way to accommodate the solders in battle. Thus, the US Government had invested five million dollars into research and development hoping to find a solution to quench the thirst of all the soldiers. On July 28th, 1972, Walter Waters, an American scientist, had finally discovered a way to transport water without the need for a water boy.

The Walter Bottle, named after Walter Waters, is a cylinder metal container that would hold up to 16oz of water. The first batch of Walter Bottles were only released to those heading out into the front lines of the battle. After the US National Guard had seen improvement among the front line soldiers they were willing enough to distribute them to all of the soldiers. When using the Walter Bottle, the soldiers had to first unscrew a cap that sealed the container before adding in water to the Walter Bottle. After the soldier filled their Walter Bottles, they would head out into battle and drink from the device whenever they started feeling thirsty. The New York Times Magazine called the Walter Bottle “innovative and groundbreaking” as it help changed the tides of the battle, leading to eventual victory against the Russian Nationalist Army. According to an annual report released by the US Government, they had said that the Walter Bottle had increased solider productive by sixty percent. In the report, they also mentioned that the US Government would start mass producing the Walter Bottles in hopes to increase productive among all the American citizens.

Over the course of many years, the Walter Bottle has helped many American citizens increase their productivity.Today, all the American citizens have at least one Walter Bottle as it serves as a household commodity.

Calvin Vinh Ly