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.War on Earth

It is the year 2075, five years after the end of the chaotic World War 4. A war that started over a lack of resources ended life on earth as we knew it. A war filled with bloodshed and millions of deaths, humanity will never again be the same.  During this war, no country was willing to accept defeat and with that came the mentality of doing whatever it took to win. The use of nuclear weapons wiped out a vast majority of the population and also depleted Earth’s resources to a bare minimum. These mass destruction weapons led to astronomical amounts of radiation on Earth. This radiation caused a great reduction in trees and maintainable soil in the dirt. Only a small percentage of humans in the world are now populating the planet. They are forced to wear full body suits to protect their bodies from the circulating radiation. The ocean glows at night from all of the harmful rays caused by the nuclear weapons. Walking in the empty streets seems like something out of a movie where a zombie plague occurred. The summers now reach one hundred twenty five degrees, and the winters negative thirty degrees. Growing produce and trees is tough because the soil is not sustainable. A new constitution was established by the citizens inhabiting the planet to provide some stability to the people. The constitution was approved by people of different ethnic backgrounds, and took into consideration all of the different cultures and their principles. Despite the many different challenges the citizens of this new nation face, life on “After Earth” goes on, and humanity will survive.